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A Message from the Bailli Délégué

Monsieur Mohamed HAMMAM


Dear Members,

Welcome to the national website of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Bailliage de Turquie!

We are proud to introduce to you our new website, which is now part of a worldwide uniform website designed by our head office in Paris, who will from now on be the host and the developer of all such national websites, at no cost to the respective bailliages. However, please be informed that the input, and regular update of the national related content shall remain with the national bailliages.

The new website which is now fully functional, and live online, will provide the members with direct access to both the international and local national features, and will allow both, our national members and other confrères worldwide to view the various pages and links, and to learn about the history of our Confrèrie, the recently held and future planned events, both in Turkey and around the globe, the national and international young chefs and young sommeliers competitions, l’Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs, and the latest news of interest to our members.

The new website of the Bialliage National de Turquie is equipped with an event calendar featuring all events to be held in the regional bailliages, and a photo gallery, featuring photos of the events held in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, and Adana, which our members can view, download and print. We have also allocated a space on our home page for our professional members, to feature images of their establishments, and to promote special events or particular dining experience that they may be organizing. We are also happy to offer our international fellow members visiting Turkey and their companions, a list of recommended places to dine in major cities in Turkey.

We hope that you will regularly visit our website and use it as a key reference point for news updates, general Chaîne information, and guidelines. We also welcome and encourage our members to constantly provide us with their comments, opinions, and/or input through our website http://turkey.chainedesrotisseurs.com e-mail function, under “Contact us”.

Vive La Chaîne!

Mohamed Hammam